Moving on...

Long time no post. Here anyway.

Lots of time has passed, lots of change and growth.

Started up a new blog to start a new chapter.

The Rambling Raider


Crazy Week

I just got back from a crazy travel week.

Monday : Texas to Florida

Tuesday: Florida to Pennsylvania (through Detroit)

Wednesday: Pennsylvania

Thursday: Pennsylvania to Texas (through Cleveland)

Whew! Sand to Snow and back again. I did manage to run on the beach on Tuesday morning.


Santa ate my cookies!

Happy Birthday

Hello everyone!

Just a quick post to welcome our daughter, "A". 8 lbs 6 oz; 20 in.


Mom and baby are doing well.

Merry Christmas to everyone!


Finally Riding

Hey folks - it's been a long while.


I took some time off to get my new job under control. I've been traveling a lot. It is great to be out with customers - it takes me back to the reason I loved consulting. Things are going well and I'm really excited to go to work everyday.

I've decided to start base training again - mostly running. I love running through the neighborhood when it is decorated. I'm trying to decide on a marathon right now. I have no doubt I could finish - but can I commit to the training??

We have a new baby due in the next few weeks. We are about 90% complete on the nursery. I better get it finished or I'm sure she'll make an early arrival and I'll be caught unprepared.

See ya out there...



Hey folks - long time no post.

Time flies when you are having fun. The new job continues to thrill me everyday. Training has diminished but not stopped. I've spent the last 6 weeks training with a team to ride in the LiveStrong ride.

The ride took place this past weekend. Our team raised money and rode in honor of our team captain's uncle.

Here are a few pics of the great event.

Hope everyone is well.

See ya out there...


It's been a while

Oh man - the fun I've been having.

The new job is going well. I'm insanely busy, but it comes with the territory and, for whatever reason, it makes me really happy to be headed in a million directions.

I have to tell you about the most surreal day I've had in a while...

Last week I made a trip to Florida. The day started at 3 AM - had to grab the 6AM flight to Houston then on to Tampa. By 12 PM we had landed, picked up our bags and the rental and were on our way. Our team lead had the foresight to get a rental car with a GPS - something I will never ever be without on future trips. It was the most amazing device I've ever seen. We named our GPS Gina.

By 1:30 we had checked into the hotel and were sitting in a beach cabana eating lunch - it was the closest place to the hotel. We were 100 yards from the Gulf. Less than an hour later we were sitting outside of the principals office at the elementary school we had travelled to. After 5 more hours of work we were headed back to the hotel - Gina was leading the way. Finally we found ourselves at another cabana eating fresh shrimp and reviewing the events of the day. Not bad for 18 hours.

The hotel was great. Snapped a few (crappy) pics.

Out the front window - toward the Gulf of Mexico:

Off the balcony toward the bay:

Training has fallen off sharply. I did not do the HIM or Jack's. I wasn't prepared for the HIM and I ended up with a foot injury that kept me away from Jack's last week.

I'm still on track to do the LiveStrong Ride. Training resumes this weekend.

Looks like I'm headed to New Orleans soon. I'll keep you posted.

See ya out there...


Hello out there

Things have been super busy lately. I've been transitioning into a new job and it is commanding much of my attention. The HIM is a maybe at this point. I just haven't had the time or energy to put in the workouts. All the changes in my life mean that I'm revising the next races and events. Speaking of events...


Check out my LiveStrong site and donate to our team as we ride in support of those battling cancer.

I have maintained a pretty steady run and bike schedule. Our team did a 70-mile training ride over the weekend. It was great fun. Jack's Generic Tri is also still on the schedule for Labor Day.

OK - can't say when my next update we'll be. I'll do my best.

See ya out there...